iAdvisorResource.iAdvise(request, sub_analysis_id, **kwargs)

Prior mandatory steps 1) Upload dataset 2) Create analysis 3) Create sub analysis 4) DataSharp 5) iRule 6) Create advisor model

This function performs rule mapping for each record of the eval data uploaded. For iAdvise to work, the eval data is expected to have the target value for each record. This function maps a pattern that can explain the target for that record. This pattern answers why that eval data record has that target value. If the target value is not already the desired class, the engine further tries to map another rule that is actionable and very local to that record. Using this actionable pattern, engine tries to find a suggestion to convert this undesired class record to desired class.


sub_analysis_id Give sub analysis id
prediction_id Give prediction id

Possible errors

Error message
Invalid sub analysis id
Invalid prediction id

POST Request Example

curl -u username:password -X POST -F "data_file=@/path/to/eval.csv" {url_prefix}/iadvise/{sub_analysis_id}/

GET Request Example

curl -u username:password {url_prefix}/iadvise/{sub_analysis_id}/?prediction_id={prediction_id}&format=json

Response Example

    "error": False,
    "error_msg": "",
    "result": {
        "prediction_id": 466,
        "prediction_data": [
                "Actionability": 1.0,
                "Class": "no",
                "Confidence": 0.88481,
                "Explicability": 1.0,
                "IntuceoRuleId": 1.0,
                "IntuceoRuleScore": 1.1085,
                "Lift": 1.00006,
                "No_Of_Records_Supported": 3933.0,
                "Rule": "default %in%  c("no")",
                "Support": 0.86994,
                "age": 36,
                "balance": 2843,
                "campaign": 1,
                "contact": "cellular",
                "day": 12,
                "default": "no",
                "duration": 473,
                "education": "secondary",
                "housing": "no",
                "job": "blue-collar",
                "loan": "no",
                "marital": "divorced",
                "month": "feb",
                "pdays": 182,
                "poutcome": "success",
                "predictedClass": "no",
                "previous": 1,
                "rule_id": 38328.0,
                "y": "no"