set Attributes Importance

PreprocessResource.setAttrImportance(request, sub_analysis_id, **kwargs)

Prior mandatory steps 1) Upload dataset 2) Create analysis 3) Create sub analysis 4) DataSharp

After dataSharp, both attributes important as well as un-important are used for further analysis for patterns or predictive models or suggestions. However, user can set any attribute as important or un-important or TGTBT. This is useful, if one wants to include already detected TGTBT in analysis by setting them to important. It is not possible to set important or un-important attributes as TGTBT in order to remove them from further analysis. In next version of API, it would be enabled.


sub_analysis_id Give sub analysis id

Possible errors

Error message
Invalid sub analysis id

POST Request Example

curl -u username:password -X POST -F "important='age','balance','education'" -F "not_important='default,'duration'" -F "tgtbt='job'" {url_prefix}/set_attr_importance/{sub_analysis_id}/

Response Example

    "error": false,
    "error_msg": "",
    "result": {
        success: True