Getting StartedΒΆ

Intuceo functionality is exposed as a set of RESTful APIs to enable developers to integrate this functionality into their applications. This section explains the naming conventions, general structure of the Request and Response objects and errors. A quick reference table is included to serve as a handy guide for the developers. See API Reference section for detailed documentation on individual call

API naming conventions

REST API best practices recommend nouns for resource names and HTTP methods for the verbs. Intuceo API follow the same convention where the mapping is clean. All Create, Read and Delete methods are mapped to POST, GET and DELETE methods respectively. For any other operations, resource names are used in verb form itself. HTTP methods are restricted to POST, GET and DELETE only. PUT and PATCH are not used. While this scheme of naming does not adhere to naming convention best practices, it appeared to be most intuitive and easy to use


To develop your own clients that use the Intuceo REST APIs, follow the links in this section to understand authentication, sample request and response and common errors. Intuceo follows a linear workflow so the order in which APIs appear is the order in which you need to call them, at least until preprocessing stage is finished. Go through the Introduction section to get a high level overview of the product and the workflow. Look at the API quick reference table to see all the available apis. Click on link to individual methods from the navigation pane to get in depth understanding of the purpose, usage and arguments