Upload Dataset

DatasetResource.uploadDataset(request, **kwargs)

Upload dataset that is to be analyzed


data_set_name Name of your choice to be displayed for dataset
data_set_file Give path of csv file to upload
missing_values Set missing value symbols (ex. “NULL,NA,?”)

Possible errors

Error message
Name already exists. Please use different name
Invalid name. Only alpha numeric and underscore are allowed
Failed to access file from given path
Empty file. Please upload a valid file

POST Request Example

curl -u username:password -X POST -F "data_set_name=bank dataset" -F "data_set_file=@/path/to/dataset.csv" -F "missing_values=NA,NULL,?" {url_prefix}/dataset/

Response Example

    "error": false,
    "error_msg": "",
    "result": {
        "dataset_id": 220,
        "dataset_name": "bank_dataset",
        "missing_values": "NA,NULL,?"

Error Response Example

    "error": true,
    "error_msg": {
        "dataset_name": ["Name already exists. Please use different name"],
    "result": {},